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The 2-in-1 Man Revive contains both Manpower and fertility treatment. While, the Detox Capsules cleans the system of Jedi jedi etc

This mix is a natural herbal supplement that drastically changed my sex life — And it can do the same for you.

Unlike the other hyped trash out there, this will perfectly stimulate your sex drive, gives maximum pleasure &prowess and Improves your ability to perform on demand while reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases

Here’s what MAN REVIVE will do

  • ✓ Stop premature ejaculation
  • ✓ Increase your sex drive
  • ✓ Increase your testosterone levels for hard rock erections
  • ✓ Help you last for as long as 45 mins
  • ✓ Boost your sperm count
  • ✓ Make your yogurt thick enough to get her Pregnant
  • ✓ Improve stamina and endurance

Here’s Other Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Herbal Solution

  • Benefits
    🥕 Enhances libido.

    🥕Improves sexual performance.

    🥕 Relief’s fatigue and stress.

    🥕 Promotes erection.

    🥕 Improves body vitality.

    🥕 Nourishes and improves prostate health.

    🥕 Nourish and improves sex organs.

    🥕 Boosts sperm count.

    🥕 Strengthens immune system.

    🥕 Improves impotence.

    🥕Boosts energy.

    🥕Promotes semen quality.

    🥕 Increases testosterone level.

    🥕 Increases stamina & endurance


Boost your libido, muscle mass and energy levels by naturally stimulating T production. Your stamina, drive and your ability to make gains will be amplified.


From the bedroom to the weight room, improved circulation can help enhance your performance, improve stamina and energy levels and enhance blood flow to EVERY organ in the body.


Quality sleep and recovery are essential for vitality. Maximize your body’s ability to sleep deeper, longer AND burn fat while you do it.

How Does This Product Work?

The reason why you release fast is because of the excess sensation on the head of your “machine gun”

What MAN REVIVE 2IN1 does is to reduce the excessive stimulation on the tip of your rod.

When this too much sensitivity has been reduced, you will be able to last for as long as you want.

 It is as simple as that.


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On average, our customers totally regained 92% of their lost libido.

How Much Does This Product Cost Me?

Since January, we have been selling “Man Revive 2 in 1” for N35,700. (which is responsible for the reviews you saw above)

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1 Month plan

1 Pack of man revive & 1 Pack of detox capsule


2 months plan

2 Packs of man revive & 2 Packs of detox capsule


3 months plan

3 Packs of man revive & 3 Packs of detox capsule


30 Days “One Minute Man” Money Back Guarantee

 If you use this product to mally, and it fails to please your partner for some reason, send me a message(or call me) and I will refund 100% of your MONEY BACK. 

Even if the product has been with you for 30 days, just call me.


No question asked. And you can keep the product with you. You got nothing.

I am saying

Use this Man Revive 2 in 1…mally your partner, if it doesn’t transform you to an Odogwu in the other room…Call me for a full refund of your money.

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How Many stores will make this kind of Guarantee for their products?

Absolutely none.

I am willing to make a statement like that, and more than willing to back it up…

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Please be sure you are FULLY ready for the product and have the money to pay at the point of delivery because we’ve limited stock.


(UPDATED: 23 July 2024, 23:54 PM) Due to huge demand from our advert, we are officially running low on this product - place your order while supplies last!

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God Bless You!

(UPDATED: 24 July 2024, 23:54 PM) Due to huge demand from our advert, we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!


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Get your Man Revive 2 in 1 today, and save over ₦70,000 per year from expensive hospital visits.


All items are pay on delivery which means you only get to pay for the item when it gets to you. Delivery might take 1-4 days depending on your location.

-Abuja Delivery: 1 Working Day
-Lagos Delivery: 1 Working Day
-Other States Delivery: 1-3 Working Days


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