"90 MINUTES WONDER For Men Puts Viagra, Tramadol & Manpower


Can Ultimately Restore Weak Erection, Quick Ejaculation & Boost Libido. 


“Omo, I was so addicted to these enhancements until I had a terrible heart condition. 

My blood pressure went so high with chest pain and constant headaches. 

I thought I was going to die.

Until my wife, Theresa gave me this miracle Liquid that helped me balanced my sex hormones.

Now, I can perform naturally without any dangerous pills” 


Dear reader, 

I can totally understand how you feel… 

The disappointment when you feel that “Sudden rush” in your prick… 

With your legs almost shaking together… 

And next thing you know…

You don CUM

And then the disappointment sets in… 

You started feeling ashamed of yourself. 

Like, you’re not man enough. 

Your blood quickly runs cold.

You could see the unsatisfactory looks on your woman’s face.

From her fully erected breasts down to her “kpekus”

She’s Literally Begging For More. 

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But unfortunately… 

You Couldn’t Do Anything. 

Your iroko-tree has fallen flat to the ground.

No Appetite To Continue The Game.

You feel weak and powerless… 

You’ve failed her again. 

Despite taking so many enhancements products. 


You could still struggle to Perform like a “REAL MAN”

See, my brother…

It’s NOT your fault. 

…And you’re not alone on this table.

My husband also suffered from the same problem.

He was a “One minute man”

Everytime we’re having sex on the bed…

2 or 3 minutes into the action

He will start shaking, blinking his eyes…

As if he was dancing (Awilo) 

And then, he will Pour.

It was the worst embarrassing experience.

Sometimes, before I even take off my panties… 

Oga don pour —waaaah! 

Leaving me high and dry.

His cucumber was also weak, too. 

…Very Soft like Amala. 

Sometimes, it won’t stand at all. 

And even if it managed to stand small. 

2 minutes…

It will fall flat to the floor.

Sometimes, he’ll get turned off in the middle…

And leave the room in shame.  

He was helpless… 

And so am I.

We tried everything…

From tiger nuts, bananas, watermelon to… 

Enhancement pills, Viagra, tramadol, Cialis. 

But Nothing Worked. 

They Were All Temporary. 

Nothing really lasted.

And the more he took these products… 

The worst it gets. 

In fact…

He took ‘ONE’ that almost sent him to an early grave. 

We had just finished the first round that night.

And ready to go the second one. 

When he screamed… 

“Aaaahhh, my chest, my chest!!!”

His blood pressure was dangerously high…

With his heart pounding heavily. 

…As if it wants to explode. 

Suddenly, he began to lose his breath… 

Like he was trying to fall back. 

“Honey, honey, are you okay?!!”

I screamed, trying to pull back my pants and hold him. 

But he wasn’t Responding. 

His body was almost getting cold.

With his eyes closed. 

And all of a sudden… 

He fell off to the ground and collapsed.

“Neighbors… somebody help me!”

I screamed, almost shaking. 

People gathered and he was rushed to the hospital. 

On getting to the hospital that night…. 

It was confirmed that my husband had entered Coma…

And had a very tiny chance of returning back to life. 

Soon, the doctor came out of the room…

Where my Oga was lying. 

Where my Oga was lying. 

He gave me a straight face and said… 

“Madam, if your husband dares use such drugs again… I’m afraid, he won’t survive it”

“Sex enhancements,” he continued… 

“Are Not Generally Safe For The Body”

He also explained that…

My husband was only suffering from hormonal imbalance. 

Which was responsible for his inability to last long in bed. 

In fact… 

He explained further that 40% of men who suffer from sexual dysfunction…

Are secretly suffering from hormonal imbalance. 

So I asked him if there’s anything else…

My husband could take to balance his sex hormones… 

And naturally last longer in bed….

Without the negative side effects. 

So he recommended… 

Wonder Herbs Herbal Remedy

This ancient Herbal remedy is made of pure natural ingredients

… to help you fix and balance your sex hormone: Testosterone 

  • So you can naturally last longer in bed. 
  • Have a Rock-hard, ERECTION. 
  • Feel Energized. 
  • And Maintain A Strong Stamina In bed. 

All with 100% natural ingredients. 

No dangerous chemicals, No artificial whatsoever.

My doctor was right…

Wonder Herbs "Is A Game Changer"

My husband was so impressed by the results. 

…He no longer needs to take any harmful drug to last long in bed.

One thing I love most about this herbal remedy is… 

It Boosts Your Confidence. 

"She couldn't believe it"

“I’m not the guy that takes drugs to impress a woman. 

But this product is a game changer. 

I bought it because of the transparency.  

Sex enhancement is what is killing most of us men. 

As for my hormones, I’m still taking the tea. 

But my woman said I was losing weight. 

Plus, I lifted her up 2 times while we’re having sex on Sunday. 

She couldn’t believe it.

More reviews coming soon”

"Natural Orgasms, I feel refreshed"

“Before now, my husband was taking those Aboki drugs and manpower. 

Which I don’t like. 

He’ll last up to 30 mins and do nothing. 

But ever since, he treated his sex hormones


I feel totally lost each time he puts it inside. 

It was just as if someone plugged an Air-condition inside my ‘something’ 

It feels very natural, fun and refreshing.

I loveeeee it”

"Better than blue pills"

“This reminds me of when I was staying in owerri with those poly girls. 

My life was miserable. 

I would take T.M, Viagra and all those drugs online. 

My blood pressure spiked so high to the point of heart attack. 

I was having severe headaches, chest pain and back pain. 

If not for my boss that took me to the health center, I would have died. 

Nature is nature, and every other thing is artificial. 

Try it for yourself and see!”

"It restored my marriage"

“Ah, omo, I never knew men also suffer from hormonal imbalance ooo. 

Kai! I was here blaming an innocent man. 

Thanks for restoring my marriage, Nne. 

My hussy and I are deeply grateful, carry go”

"One-minute of honest nack"

“Even though I love sex, I would never let my hubby take these toxic chemicals. 

I prefer one minute of honest nack than lasting 40mins and doing nothing. 

Look at how my husband is happy and smiling now… 

Someone that is always depressed and angry. 

Take it and have peace of mind forever

“No headaches, dangerous heart beats and feeling dizzy”… 

Become Naturally Stronger And Last Longer In Bed. 

Here’s what WONDER HERBS will do

  • ✓ Stop premature ejaculation
  • ✓ Increase your sex drive
  • ✓ Increase your testosterone levels for hard rock erections
  • ✓ Help you last for as long as 45 mins
  • ✓ Boost your sperm count
  • ✓ Make your yogurt thick enough to get her Pregnant
  • ✓ Improve stamina and endurance

Here’s Other Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Herbal Solution. 

  • Benefits
    🥕 Enhances libido.

    🥕Improves sexual performance.

    🥕 Relief’s fatigue and stress.

    🥕 Promotes erection.

    🥕 Improves body vitality.

    🥕 Nourishes and improves prostate health.

    🥕 Nourish and improves sex organs.

    🥕 Boosts sperm count.

    🥕 Strengthens immune system.

    🥕 Improves impotence.

    🥕Boosts energy.

    🥕Promotes semen quality.

    🥕 Increases testosterone level.

    🥕 Increases stamina & endurance

How Does This Product Work?

The reason why you release fast is because of the excess sensation on the head of your “machine gun”

What WONDER HERBS does is to reduce the excessive stimulation on the tip of your rod.

When this too much sensitivity has been reduced, you will be able to last for as long as you want.

 It is as simple as that.


Since January, we have been selling WONDER HERBS for N25,700. (which is responsible for the reviews you saw above)

But you won’t be paying anything close to that.

I’ll tell you how much it will cost you today.

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Restore Your Natural Sex Hormone Today & Last Longer In Bed

Nothing is as painful as meeting your woman… 

And couldn’t meet up her expectations. 

It is heartbreaking. 

And I’m assuring you that…

This product will make a difference in your love making. 

But if you didn’t notice any difference.

Feel free to return the remaining product and get all your money back—no question asked. 

That’s how much I believe in what this product can do for you. 

So go ahead and order now. 


We’re Here To Help You – Contact Us

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Please Note

Right now, because of the high cost of transportation. Sending this Wonder Herbs around the country costs us a lot , yet we are willing to do it  FREE of charge for you…

But, I’ll ask you for a little favor in exchange…

Please be sincere to us and yourself…

If you are not ready to receive Our products (because it will be pure wickedness to send items to your location and you don’t pick them up) or will be traveling out of town within the next 1-2 days or do not have cash available now, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE AN ORDER

Hope you understand this?

However, if you’re really sure you’ll be getting this product but cash isn’t available at the moment, kindly let us know when you will have cash available and we will make reservations for you…

Send us a message with your name, address, your phone number, the package you want and when you want to receive the product.

We’ll notify you about your reservation when the date to receive your order of Wonder Herbs is due.

Thanks for your Understanding…

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(UPDATED: 19 July 2024, 06:25 AM) Due to huge demand from our advert, we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!


We’re Here To Help You – Contact Us

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Get your Wonder Herbs today, and save over 120,000 per year from expensive dangerous pills.

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Our Guarantee

If you have any problems with your order or you aren’t satisfied with your product, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll get you your money back!

We also have a 30-Days warranty so you’re covered in case anything happens to your product.


All items are pay on delivery which means you only get to pay for the item when it gets to you. Delivery might take 1-4 days depending on your location.

-Lagos & Abuja Delivery: Same Day Delivery
-Other States Delivery: 1-2 Working Days

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us on whatsApp and we’ll get back to you as fast as possible (usually within 1 hour)!

You can also contact us through our ‘Facebook page, WhatsApp portal and Phone call’ 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Depending on the cause of your sexual dysfunction… 

The results are natural and last longer. 

Not at all! It’s completely safe and natural. 

No please, it’s not an enhancer. 

It only works to improve your natural sex hormones.

Like I said, this is not an enhancer… 

You can take it as a treatment to help you balance your sex hormones. 

So you can perform naturally without any pills. 


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