This New Improved BP Voice Monitor Device Can Tell You If Your BP Is Low Or Normal With A Human Voice.

It Can Also Detect If Your Heartbeat Is Okay Or Not!

Research says that 65% of Nigerians have died because of high Blood pressure

Accuracy is one of the most important requirements in blood pressure monitoring. With IntelliWrap™ 360° accuracy, 

This BP Monitor allows you to get accurate readings effortlessly regardless of how the cuff is worn at home.

Get the same accuracy as you would in your doctor’s office! This model comes with a voice function.

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Monitor Your Blood Pressure Using The Digital WRIST BP Monitor

Hypertension Indicator

Irregular Heartbeat Detection

360° Accuracy IntelliWrap™ Cuff

Enhanced IntelliSense Technology

The Importance of Monitoring Blood Pressure

A common cardiovascular condition that leads to other health issues such as heart attack, stroke, kidney diseases, erectile dysfunction and heart failure, hypertension (a medical term used for high blood pressure) isn’t to be taken lightly.
Instead of running to the doctor’s office for check-ups, you’re better off investing in blood pressure monitor, all clinically validated to help you keep track of your BP daily. They’re automatic, working with new and advanced algorithm that enhances accuracy and delivers reliable measurements with the push of a button.
10 Pieces Remaining In Stock


Checking your blood pressure every day even when you have no symptoms can help diagnose a potential problem later on.


In fact, this is a much better solution for coming to a diagnosis than occasional readings at the doctor’s office because it provides more thorough, continuous information.


Sometimes getting high BP could be an indicator of another health issue you might not know about, in the likes of diabetes, hyperthyroidism or kidney problems, and the sooner you find out, the better it would be for treatment

Let’s suppose you already know of a problem and are going through a treatment with medications and have started implementing diet and exercise changes – 

how would you know how successful all of this is unless you keep track of your blood pressure regularly?

Using a blood pressure monitor is essential for your treatment later on, as it can help your doctor decide on whether or not the dosages are correct and if a change in medication would be necessary, so it helps with the development of a program that works for you specifically.

There are those individuals who fret every time they have to go to the doctor’s office, and the stress resulting from this leads to what is known as white coat hypertension, i.e. situational elevation which doesn’t mean they have hypertension. 

Regular monitoring is crucial for distinguishing the situational or temporary from the actual hypertension.

BP is affected by many things, from the foods and drinks one consumes, to the stress we are exposed to. Measuring daily with a blood pressure monitor. 

Doctors and pharmacists recommend means getting down to the causes of what triggers hypertension, and knowing this information is useful for changing one’s habits, avoiding stress and adopting relaxing activities.

A person who measures their blood pressure every day gets to develop a sense of responsibility for their health. 


This leads to motivation to make any necessary alterations regarding nutrition and exercise thus preventing other serious conditions in the long run.


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