Introducing the Future of Watering and Cleaning: The Cordless Water Spray Gun

Portable Cordless High Pressure Spray Water Gun

Experience the ultimate convenience and freedom with our revolutionary Cordless Water Spray Gun. Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited mobility – our innovative spray gun is powered by cutting-edge rechargeable battery technology, allowing you to tackle all your watering and cleaning tasks with unparalleled ease.

Gone are the days of being tethered to a power outlet or restricted by the length of a cord. Our Cordless Water Spray Gun liberates you from these limitations, enabling you to move effortlessly around your garden, patio, or driveway. Whether you’re giving your plants a refreshing spray, washing your car, or revitalizing outdoor furniture, this cordless solution offers a new level of flexibility and efficiency.

See It In Action

With adjustable spray patterns and water pressure settings, our Cordless Water Spray Gun empowers you to tailor your spraying experience to the specific task at hand. Achieve precision and control like never before, ensuring that each job is performed with utmost effectiveness. Additionally, some models even feature integrated soap dispensers, making cleaning a breeze by seamlessly transitioning between water and soap application.


Discover the future of convenient watering and cleaning with our Cordless Water Spray Gun. Embrace the technology that enhances your productivity and simplifies your life. Join countless others who have already revolutionized the way they care for their surroundings. Upgrade to the cordless solution and experience a new era of versatility.

Transform the way you approach outdoor tasks – order your Cordless Water Spray Gun today and take the first step towards a more efficient, hassle-free lifestyle.


Cordless Pressure Washer takes portability and convenience into consideration, there is no power cable anymore, High-Capacity Battery Operated, allowing you to cleanall your outdoor spaces and gear, anytime, anywhere all your outdoor spaces and gear, anytime, anywhere


Come with 2 replaceable nozzle that deliver 2 spray patterns to rinse off stubborn stains or to cover a wide range to wet the car body or to bath the pets.


Self-priming design saves you from the worries about water supply, you can easily get water from any tank or faucet, and the filter avoids the clogging problems.


With complete accessories to get the cleaning job done.


Powerful motor pressurizes the water flow to 22bar, easily removing the most stubborn mud and stains from outdoor household surfaces, gates, benches, garden furniture and equipment, bicycles, motorbikes, cars, steps and more.

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Portable Cordless Spray Water Gun


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Order Now To Claim 45% Off + Payment On Delivery + Free Delivery Nationwide
Arrives: (Sat, 15 Jun - Mon, 17 Jun)
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Order Now To Claim 45% Off + Payment On Delivery + Free Delivery Nationwide
Arrives: (Sat, 15 Jun - Mon, 17 Jun)

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