Order Successfully Placed

One Of Our Agents Would Call You Within 24hours Of Sending Your Request.

This Call Would Last For 1-3 Minutes After Which Your Order Would Be Confirmed!

And Product Sent To Your Location Immediately.

Hello, Valued Customer.

We’ve Noticed That Some Persons Make Orders For Products When They Are Not Ready To Buy.

Because Of This, They Hardly Pick Up.

Not Only Is This A Wicked Act But It Also Brings Loss To Our Company As We Have To Still Pay Our Transporters Heavily Every Month.

Because Of This, We’ve Decided To Help You Understand A Few Things.

One Of Our Agents Would Contact You Soon In Order To Confirm Your Order With Us.

  Please Do Not Confirm Your Order If:

1. You’re Not Financially-Ready Yet OR You’re Not Sure If You Would Pay When The Product Gets To You In 72hrs.

2. You Would Be Traveling Out Of Your Location In That Period Of Time.

3. You Submitted The Form Out Of A Mistake(Just Let Us Know, It Happens)

God Bless You As You Comply

Thank You For Your Understanding

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